Enpey Cees - Ep. 1 NPCs Have Emotions

June 28, 2017

This week on The Closet Gamer Podcast, I present you the pilot episode of Enpey Cees.

Join as we explore a day in the life of Bentonforth Littlebottom, the halfling owner of the famed the Bent Fork Tavern. He's had enough of adventurers' prying ways, and maybe too much involvement with the local Theives' Guild. Still reeling death of his beloved wife Bryla, Bentonforth's dreams and thoughts are haunted by her ghostly visage. Much weighs on the mind of the poor halfling, however he puts on a good show externally, and many would be shocked to learn that Bentonforth was anything but a jovial, happy-go-lucky barkeep.

I explore ways to make NPC encounters more than just tools to advance the main plot. Whether it is adding depth to the gameworld, or controlling the direction of the game itself, NPC encounters can be more than we typically make them.


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